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Baby Backpack

Baby Backpacks are very much like Rucksacks.  The difference is they have a seat where your child sits rather than the ‘sack’. As you can see from the picture a belt goes around the waist.  This has the effect of spreading the child’s weight onto the adult’s hips thus easing the burden on the back. The Backpack is held in place on the back with two shoulder straps.

When choosing Baby Backpacks you have to decide whether you want one on a frame or for it to be unframed.  Framed carriers are more expensive and can be bulky. 

It would be wise not to use a backpack carrier for a newborn. They are more suited to carrying toddlers and are ideal when you want to be free to leave the Stroller behind whether it be to have your hands free whilst walking in the Mall or hiking in the countryside.  If you need to carry your infant any distance baby backpacks ease the strain on your spine.

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