Baby Slings


Baby SlingBaby Slings are constructed by a long piece of fabric which is wrapped around the adult enabling the baby to be carried against the body.  The benefit is that pressure on arms and back are eased. It also allows hands to be free which is really beneficial, especially if you have another little one in tow.

There are benefits for baby too, especially the newborn.  They can feel your body’s warmth and hear your heart beating and, as they snuggle in it can be calming and soothing just as if still in the womb.

Slings can be used from birth and, unlike baby carriers, they very seldom have buckles, buttons or clips.

It is important that Baby Slings, to be safe, are worn correctly. The UK Sling Consortium has produced what is called ‘The T.I.C.K.S Rule’ for Safe Babywearing. Before you buy read more here: The T.I.C.K.S Rule




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Tula Love Avant Garde ring sling baby carrier  S/M New in box
  • Current Price: $85.00
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Original Swanke Hip Hammock Child Carrier Sling - Black
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Baby Sling Denim
  • Current Price: $14.00
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Baby K'tan BREEZE Baby Carrier, Black Cotton Mesh (M).
  • Current Price: $56.94
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SEVEN BABY SLING Sz 2  8-35 lb
  • Current Price: $8.40
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