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Why use Burp Cloths:

Burping Baby

It is important to help your newborn baby to expel ingested air, especially after feeding. Newborns have not developed their ability to burp yet and if they are not burped correctly they will have a colic, which can be very painful and irritating for them, this can lead to non-stop crying which aggravates the condition.

There are various ways to burp your baby effectively and, as parents, it is essential to learn how to do it correctly.  Find out which is most comfortable for you and your baby but always, always use a burp cloth and place it over your shoulders, lap or arms, depending on the position you choose to burp your baby.  This is essential not only to protect yourself from the mess of a wet burp, but more importantly to protect your baby from dirt and harmful pathogens that may be attached to your clothing. The best burp cloths are made from quality materials, that are sure to benefit you and your baby.

Are Bibs Necessary:

Baby Feeding Himself

Bibs are very handy to have especially when your baby starts teething. Teething babies have massive drool or dribble, sometimes you might even wonder where all those fluids came from.  Normally, at 6th months, you can start introducing solid foods to your babies. This is when the fun really starts.  It is likely that for the next few months you will find the Bib to be your best friend as baby learns to feed him/her self and food goes flying everywhere!! 

There is a wide variety of bibs offered in the market today such as bandana or novelty bibs. These can be used for basic drooling or dribble, but they do not give as much protection. Scarf or neckerchief bibs, are good however the best type is still the bib with sleeves. These have wide coverage keeping baby more protected and dry. A medical food grade silicon bib is a great option during the ‘learning to feed himself’ stage. It is made from waterproof material and protects babies’ clothing from stains.

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