Baby Bath Tub Seats and Rings

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Bath Tub SeatWhen it comes to Your Baby’s bath time you might like to consider the use of baby bath tub seats & rings 

Bathing a Baby takes a little more thought than one might at first think. We all know that at bath time a wriggly newborn baby can be quite difficult to keep safe in the water.  Once soap and bubbles are added to the mix and the wriggly newborn becomes a slippery wriggly newborn.  Bath time becomes even more tricky when baby is a few months older and is wriggling even more. However there are helpful aids to make this special time more pleasurable for mom or dad. Baby bath tub seats and rings might be a good option to help keep your baby safe.  

A Bath seat is designed to make baby’s bath time a little easier.  They are available as a ‘lie-back’ seat that sits on the floor of the bath or ‘upright buckets’ that support your baby in a sitting position.  

Baby Bath Tub RingsOnce babies start to sit up on their own, regular bath seats may not be able to support them. A Bath Ring is an inflatable ring that wraps around the child’s waist or neck, allowing the baby to float and move freely in the tub.

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